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Travels With Nellie: Scottsdale Play Day

A phrase you hear in Southern Arizona fairly often in the summer is "It's like a reverse winter." In other words, one way to deal with 110+ degrees is the same way you deal with 10 below -- you hunker down indoors. After a few days of that, however, I started stereotypically pacing the perimeter of my enclosure and knew I needed to go outside and play. I packed up both Nellie the Wonder Rollator and the Sticks of Power and headed across the valley to Scottsdale for some shopping. Being my usual frugal self, I limited my purchases to absolute life necessities -- tea and books.

About Accessibility

Both these stores are in charming historic buildings. Once you're inside, access is great -- wide aisles, etc. Getting inside, however, may be especially tricky if you're rolling solo because those pretty wooden doors don't have automatic openers and are a bit heavy. I asked each vendor about access and they agreed that if you call them when you need to come in, they'll happily hold the door for you if needed. I'm adding phone numbers for each location just in case.

The Spice & Tea Exchange (480) 687-3818

This store is actually part of a nationwide chain, but it doesn't feel like it. It feels like the best of boutiques where the foodie owner loves to scope out all the best goodies. Their offerings include hot and iced teas on tap as well as bulk tea, spices and blends. Great place to pick up a housewarming gift.

The Poisoned Pen Bookstore (480) 947-2974

You know I had to stop in here. No matter where you're located, The Poisoned Pen is worth getting to know. They host frequent author talks and most are streamed online. More info here.

The first thing that caught my eye in The Poisoned Pen was this tempting display of Parisian delights.

Not only does Paris, actual and metaphorical, top my Bucket List, I also am part French et je ressens un appel mystérieux à tout cela.

I picked up a copy of Colleen Cambridge's Mastering the Art of French Murder. If I were any more the target audience for this book, it would have been sitting there on the display with my name sticky-noted on the front. And, let's face it. Turning Julia Child's persona into a cozy sleuth is so fitting it's almost redundant.

A great day out. Sanity restored!


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